Le Treport Casino Has Offered More Than € 32,000 In Winnings

We hope you had a great weekend and finally took the opportunity to take the plunge and have fun at a casino near you or at an online casino like Circus to try and win some fabulous winnings. But if not, you still have plenty of time to do it; history of living fabulous moments like those of the people we are now going to tell you about and who for their part are starting quite well the year after taking the initiative to get into the game of chance.

The Tréport casino offers more than € 32,000

A few days ago, we told you about a wave of luck that had blown through some JOA group casinos in our French neighbors. Well, it’s doing something new today with this time the Casino Joa du Tréport as the star of the day.

It has indeed been the excitement at the Tréport casino for a few days since the gaming establishment has received three particularly lucky players who have quite simply managed to win more than € 32,000 in cumulative winnings.

Regarding the very first winner, we end up with a player who had cashed a nice gain of € 21,543 on one of the establishment’s slot machines. But the casino will not be satisfied with it and will then offer a few days later, on April 8, 2019 to be precise, a new chance to two friends who have won the sum of € 10,560.

Luck strikes at JOA casinos

But let’s go back to the first winner of Sunday March 31 with this story which tells us the case of a particularly lucky customer who managed to drop the jackpot on a slot machine of the type “Duo Fu Duo Cal” in n ‘having bet… hold on tight… only € 0.88 on this game accessible from € 0.01 stake! We can certainly say that it is a very good return on investment here and that the latter has finally paid well since he leaves with a nice check for 21,543 €.

However, we are really entitled to be surprised to see so many winnings delivered by all these casinos of the firm JOA in recent weeks, even if this remains the domain of the inexplicable. In any case, it is good to hang out on the side of these establishments at the moment if you are traveling to France. Luck continued afterwards at the JOA Casino in Tréport on Monday, April 8. This is a day that marks the distribution of a jackpot of € 10,560 won by two good friends from the region.

We learn indeed that Isabelle and Christelle cashed this beautiful sum by playing on a slot machine of the “Lightning Link” type. “. It is in fact a slot with a range of bets starting from € 0.02. It goes without saying that the main officials of the establishment congratulated the lucky winners by handing them a large check. Among these officials, we will therefore find the controller at the entrances to the Tréport casino, Nicolas Mouquet and JérômeFourrie the member of the management committee, who presented the reward to the lucky winners who still could not believe it.

From jackpots to casinos

If you are used to our daily articles on Roulette.be, you know that everyone has a chance to win such jackpots on such slot machines, whether in a permanent establishment like the JOA casino in Tréport or in a virtual casino like Casino777.be.

Just as you must therefore already know that, like in most casinos, the amount of the jackpot is essentially based on the payout rate which is normally a percentage set by the state. But it remains important to note that gambling establishments have the option of choosing a higher rate. Moreover, on the subject and on the side of the JOA group, the grid shows 92% for all of its casinos. You do not dream ! This is indeed a higher rate than that of the FDJ and even the PMU which each exposes and respectively 66.8% and 75% of return.

But on both sides, we are faced with institutions for which customer satisfaction remains a real priority. On this occasion, they offer services that meet the requirements; even if in all cases, everything depends mainly on the luck of the player. This is also why each machine actually has a unique random win frequency and that chance always comes into play when you press the button to start the spins on games like those that the we find for example on Unibet.